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What’s so great about eBooks?

Recently you may have noticed that we’ve been releasing eBooks. So far, three books are available:. A Guide to the Indian Residential Schools Agreement, Consumer Law and Credit/Debt Law, and Living Together or Living Apart. You can read eBooks on a dedicated eBook reader like a Kobo, on your phone, or on a tablet like an iPad. If you don’t already read books on one of those devices, then you might be wondering what the benefits are. EBooks offer two big advantages over traditional books. First and foremost is space. They are light, easy to carry, and able to store thousands of books on a single device. Our entire library of publications wouldn’t even begin to fill up a Kobo that you could fit in your back pocket.

Another advantage is that eBooks can give you some discretion when you’re out in public. Since there isn’t a cover on display, it’s harder for people to tell what you’re reading. For example, if you were reading Living Together or Living Apart on the bus, you might feel a little self-conscious that someone you know would see you reading about divorce. With an eBook, that isn’t an issue.

What about PDFs — are eBooks better than PDFs? EBooks might be a better option if you’re reading on an eReader or tablet. EBooks, unlike PDFs, automatically adjust to be read well on any screen size, which means less zooming and scrolling as you read.

Going forward, we’ll experiment more with eBooks and release more publications in eBook format.

If you’ve been using the eBooks we’ve released, we’d love to hear your feedback.