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Gladue Reports Graphic Novel Focus Group

The Legal Services Society (Legal Aid BC) is working with the Healthy Aboriginal Network to create a story about Gladue reports in the form of a graphic novel and video.

Under the Criminal Code, people who identify as Aboriginal have Gladue rights. These rights encourage judges to take a restorative justice approach to sentencing that helps both the offender and community heal. The Supreme Court of Canada has confirmed that judges must look at how Indigenous offenders’ lives have been affected by colonialism and systemic racism and must consider sentences other than jail to repair the harm a crime has done.

You're invited to watch the focus group short and provide feedback. The videos are made from the rough storyboards, so that after focus group testing and feedback, the story and illustrations can be edited easily and cheaply. After you watch the video, please think about what you liked the most/least and if the story, situation, and characters seemed realistic to you.

Please email your feedback to

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Hot off the press: Emily’s Choice: A Child Protection Story

We’re telling another story. We got such positive feedback on Clear Skies, our 2015 graphic novel and video about family violence, that we’ve addressed intermediaries’ requests for one on child protection. Emily’s Choice is the result (trailer below).

Developed once again by LSS and the Healthy Aboriginal Network, Emily’s Choice uses storytelling and images to tell the story of Emily and her son, Greg. After Greg goes into foster care, Emily has to make some changes. With support from her brother, lawyer, and social worker and by learning about her legal options, Emily gets Greg back.

Watch the full video and visit the Emily’s Choice webpage, which provides additional information and links about child protection in the context of Emily’s story. Order FREE books and promotional posters from Crown Publications.

Please help us spread the word about Emily’s Choice by putting the poster up and sharing the video link and other information on your Facebook or Twitter. Share with organizations, friends or family, or anyone else who would benefit from knowing more about this child protection resource.

Questions, feedback, or need help with ordering? Email or call 604-601-6054.

Clear Skies wins Apex Award!

We’re happy to share that Clear Skies has won an Apex Award! The Apex Awards is a world-wide competition for publication excellence. Clear Skies is a different approach to talking about the law for us. This graphic novel uses an engaging story and striking imagery to tell the story of Marnie and her kids, who live with family violence. With the support of her community, and by learning her legal options, Marnie leaves an abusive relationship. Clear Skies shows the human side of the legal process.

Clear Skies was a joint project with the Healthy Aboriginal Network. It recently won a Communicator Award as well. Congratulations and thanks go out to the entire team that made this project a reality!