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Wrapping Our Ways Around Them

Wrapping Our Ways Around Them is a new plain language guidebook that focuses on how Aboriginal communities and parents can be involved in child welfare issues. It empowers communities to participate in the child protection process to keep children culturally connected and to help families heal.

The guidebook:

  • explains how Aboriginal communities and parents can be involved in child welfare decisions outside of court and at court;
  • outlines the child welfare process; and
  • defines an Aboriginal child and their human rights, including protecting their cultural identity.

Wrapping Our Ways Around Them is produced by the Nlaka’pamus Nation Tribal Council’s ShchEma-mee.tkt (Our Children) Project and is available online as a PDF.

Hot off the Press – Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights

We revised and redesigned this popular booklet and it’s now back in print. Parents Rights, Kids Rights explains what happens if the Director of Child Welfare has concerns about a child’s safety or plans to remove a child from the family home. The booklet describes the child protection process for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children and families, including:

  • collaborative (shared) planning and decision-making options to stay out of court,
  • what can be decided in court at the presentation and protection hearings,
  • community services and legal help, and
  • definitions of terms.

We made the following revisions to this edition:

  • integrated information about the child protection process for Aboriginal children and families throughout the booklet (previous editions had a separate chapter on the Aboriginal child protection process);
  • designed one flow chart that provides an overview of the child protection process for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children and families (the stand-alone pieces The Aboriginal Child Protection Process and The Child Protection Process are also available); and
  • used friendly, original drawings on the cover and to introduce each section of the booklet.

Parents Rights, Kids Rights is available in print and online. Please recycle previous editions.

Surrey Parents Legal Centre now open to help people with child protection matters!

The Parents Legal Centre (PLC) is a Legal Services Society (Legal Aid BC) service to help eligible parents, or people standing in the place of a parent, with child protection matters. The PLC offers early intervention in dealing with the Ministry of Children and Family Development or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency. PLC lawyers provide legal advice and representation at collaborative processes or at court, and PLC advocates provide support throughout the process, as well as help accessing community resources and agencies.

The Vancouver PLC is located at Robson Square Provincial Court to help clients from Vancouver and Burnaby and has been operating since February 2015.

The Surrey PLC opened on February 19, 2018. The Surrey PLC will help parents facing matters that could go to Surrey Provincial Court. This centre will help parents in Surrey, White Rock, parts of Langley, and parents from Delta with cases handled by Métis Family Services. The Surrey PLC is located at:

3rd Floor
7337 137th Street
Newton Town Centre, Surrey

If you have any questions, please contact the Surrey PLC at 604-595-4360 or the Vancouver PLC at 604-601-6310.

Hot Off the Press - The Child Protection Process (flow chart)

We’ve revised this poster that describes the child protection process in flow chart form. The step-by-step overview:

  • begins at the investigation and the decision whether protection is required,
  • shows the outcomes of the presentation hearing, and
  • ends with the possible outcomes of the protection hearing.

The revised poster now includes options for what to do if a child is under a continuing custody order.

The revised poster is available online only.

The previous printed edition is legally accurate, but doesn’t include the information about continuing custody orders.

Hot off the press: Aboriginal Child Protection Process (flow chart)

We’ve revised and reprinted the Aboriginal Child Protection Process flow chart. This poster is a helpful tool for advocates and community workers working with Aboriginal families navigating the child protection process. It gives a step-by-step overview of the Aboriginal child protection process and reminds families that they have the right to get legal advice. The poster also shows:

  • at what stages in the process the Ministry of Children and Family Development (or delegated Aboriginal agency) must notify a child’s Aboriginal community, and
  • gives information about how a mediator can help families during the child protection process.

We’ve updated this poster to include other legal options if a child is under a continuing custody order.

Order copies of this poster from Crown Publications or download the PDF.

Emily's Choice: A Child Protection Story screening at VPL

Date: Tuesday, November 22nd

Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Place: Special Collections, Level 7, Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch), 350 West Georgia Street

More information:  Child protection and the community

Come to Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch) for a screening of Emily's Choice: A Child Protection Story! Afterwards, there will be a panel discussion about the child protection process and the challenges of preserving the welfare and safety of children in our communities.

Developed by Legal Services Society and the Healthy Aboriginal Network, Emily’s Choiceis a graphic novel and video that use story and imagery to tell the story of Emily and her son, Greg. Emily is struggling with addiction and an unhealthy relationship. She loves her son, Greg, but can't always take care of him. When Greg goes into foster care, Emily gets legal help and the support of her family to get Greg back.

Hot off the press: Emily’s Choice: A Child Protection Story

We’re telling another story. We got such positive feedback on Clear Skies, our 2015 graphic novel and video about family violence, that we’ve addressed intermediaries’ requests for one on child protection. Emily’s Choice is the result (trailer below).

Developed once again by LSS and the Healthy Aboriginal Network, Emily’s Choice uses storytelling and images to tell the story of Emily and her son, Greg. After Greg goes into foster care, Emily has to make some changes. With support from her brother, lawyer, and social worker and by learning about her legal options, Emily gets Greg back.

Watch the full video and visit the Emily’s Choice webpage, which provides additional information and links about child protection in the context of Emily’s story. Order FREE books and promotional posters from Crown Publications.

Please help us spread the word about Emily’s Choice by putting the poster up and sharing the video link and other information on your Facebook or Twitter. Share with organizations, friends or family, or anyone else who would benefit from knowing more about this child protection resource.

Questions, feedback, or need help with ordering? Email or call 604-601-6054.

Hot Off the Press — If Your Child Is Taken: Your Rights as a Parent

We’ve revised this online pamphlet that explains child protection law and what parents or guardians can do if the Director of Child Protection removes their child or plans to remove their child from the home. It also includes where to get legal help. We made minor revisions to describe how to work out an agreement and about the court process. The previous version (July 2014) is still legally accurate and is also available in French online. If Your Child Is Taken in English is available online.