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Law Day in Nelson
Arrested in Nelson

Arrested in Nelson

The following post is from Amy, our community partner in Nelson. Community partners provide legal information and help connect people to legal services. They can be found all across BC. In a highly publicized trial in Nelson, BC, Sneezy the Wolf was found guilty of mischief for destroying the houses of the three little pigs. The mock trial, written and performed by local students, was just one of the many highlights of Nelson's Law Day this year. Held at the local courthouse, Law Day provided an opportunity for members of the public to tour the courthouse, library, and jail cells; get their mugshot taken; participate in a bail hearing; and learn about other aspects of the justice system.

The Advocacy Centre, a community partner of the Legal Services Society (LSS), was invited to have an information table. It was an excellent opportunity to highlight some of LSS’ resources. Young people were invited to participate in a scavenger hunt to find the answers to a series of questions. The question for our table was "Who does Legal Services Society help?" It was a great opportunity to share information about the free legal help available through LSS. Other tables included displays about criminal identification techniques, electronic monitoring, and victim services.

This was the first Law Day in Nelson. The turnout was terrific, and we look forward to participating in the second annual Law Day next year.