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Upgrading the Dialogue Tool

MyLawBC may have launched earlier this summer, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been resting on our laurels. We’ve been working behind the scenes to make our first round of improvements to the Dialogue Tool. The Dialogue Tool makes writing a fair and lasting separation agreement easy. It does this by helping you set your priorities and find common ground with your spouse, and then it gives you a template and platform to create your legal agreement.

For our first round, we focused on making that easy process even easier; these quality of life improvements will make using the Dialogue Tool a more pleasant experience. The three enhancements just implemented are:

  1. Orientation videos — orientation videos have been integrated into the Dialogue Tool. These will help you learn about the process. You can see one of them below.
  2. Separate chats — each chat are is now tied to the topic of discussion. Before, there was one unified chat area for the entire agreement, but now your messages about parenting are separated from your messages about who keeps the house.
  3. Alerts page — a new Alerts page shows you a list of all the changes that have happened to the agreement and displays a red dot to alert you to new changes. Click the bell at the top of the page to see this page.

With these done, it’s time to look towards our next set of improvements.