Your Welfare Rights and updates to assistance rates and policies

We published three booklets in the series called Your Welfare Rights: How to Apply for Welfare (March 2017), Welfare Benefits (March 2018), and When You're on Welfare (March 2019). All three booklets are currently available in print and online.

Since those publication dates, the BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction increased assistance rates (effective April 1, 2019) and updated various welfare policies (effective July 1, 2019).

If you or your clients are applying for assistance, or already get assistance, see the ministry's website for updates to rates and policies.

Your Welfare Rights booklets describe in plain language the types of welfare available, how to apply, benefits and supplements if you qualify, and rules and responsibilities when you're on welfare.

We plan to revise How to Apply for Welfare, Welfare Benefits, and When You're on Welfare at a future date. The Factum will announce when revised editions are available.

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