MyLawBC introduces free online mediation for parenting issues

MyLawBC has launched a new online tool, the Family Resolution Centre (FRC), which helps separated and divorced couples create a parenting plan that's in the best interests of their children. A parenting plan is a document that outlines how parents going through a separation or a divorce will raise their children.

Each parent will exchange proposed parenting plans that cover issues such as making decisions about the children, vacation time, and other important topics. Parents will be able to work on their plans wherever they have access to a computer and at their own convenience.

If parents are not able to agree on every issue, the tool also offers free online mediation. Parents can request the help of a mediator at the press of a button. The FRC's professional mediators, qualified under the Family Law Act, work with the parents to help find a resolution. Mediators provide up to 5 hours of their time at no cost to the user.

The Family Resolution Centre is part of MyLawBC’s mission to increase access to justice in BC.  By combining self-help tools with expert assistance more people can avoid going to court. MyLawBC's online services can be extended to people who may not qualify for other services or who live in communities where they aren’t available.

You can learn more about the Family Resolution Centre here:

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