Hot off the Press: How to Appeal Your Conviction and How to Appeal Your Sentence


We’ve put out a new edition of How to Appeal Your Conviction and How to Appeal Your Sentence, now completely revised and redesigned. The criminal appeals process is incredibly difficult, particularly if you’re in custody. Not knowing whether you were convicted of a summary or indictable offence or which court to appeal to can make filing the first (of many) forms an impossibility. These booklets consider the roadblocks and explain the process step by step, starting with how to apply for a legal aid or court-appointed lawyer, and how to continue on your own if you couldn’t get a lawyer, including tips on doing legal research.

What’s new:

  • A removable 11-by-17 flowchart with an overview of the steps and deadlines

  • A draft version and removable blank version of all required forms, including two new fillable affidavits and a cover page for the factum and appellant’s statement

  • Detailed instructions for each form, including how to track down all the required information beforehand

  • Important addresses and phone numbers

  • Commonly asked questions

  • Tricky legal terms and concepts, such as the grounds for appeal, described in plain language

  • Practical tips on serving documents to Crown and swearing or affirming an affidavit

  • Sections on case management, limited 684s, and Gladue rights at sentence appeals

The previous edition of these booklets is no longer current; please recycle.

Legal Aid