Hot Off the Press: Living Together or Living Apart


We revised and reprinted the English version of our popular booklet Living Together or Living Apart: Common-law relationships, marriage, separation, and divorce.

Living Together or Living Apart explains the basics of family law in BC. It includes information about:

· your rights and responsibilities if you’re married or in a marriage-like relationship,

· how spouses can work out agreements,

· how to work out arrangements for parenting if you have children,

· what to do if you decide to separate or divorce, and

· how to sort out money matters.

It also explains your legal options and where to get help, and includes a glossary of definitions.

We made the following changes to this edition:

· deleted the separate chapter on family law for Aboriginal readers and integrated that information throughout the booklet,

· revised information about making agreements and what guardianship means,

· moved the charts about agreement types and court order types from the Appendix to the section on going to court; and

· to increase readability, printed the booklet in a larger size, used a second colour (green) on inside pages, and added three new original drawings to illustrate family law situations.

Living Together or Living Apart is available in print and online. Please recycle previous English editions.

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