More people with child protection matters will now be financially eligible for legal aid

The Legal Services Society (LSS) has increased the financial eligibility guidelines for child protection services. This is to improve the accessibility of legal aid when a child has been removed or is at risk of being removed from their home by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

LSS provides lawyers to about 2,300 people with child protection cases each year. With its severe consequences on families, LSS is hoping the higher income cut-off will mean more people get a lawyer’s assistance when there are concerns that a child is in need of protection.

The financially eligibility guidelines for child protection (CFCSA) matters have increased by $1000 for each household size. The change became effective as of September 27, 2018. See the new income chart here.

By increasing the guidelines, LSS now has consistent financial eligibility criteria for all its child protection representation services, including LSS’s Parents Legal Centres.

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