Legal aid now available to help children stay out of foster care

Sometimes a grandparent, aunt, uncle or other relative is willing to care for a child who is at risk of going into foster care, or has been removed from their home already -- because the parents are unable to care for them. In foster care, however, children often lose touch of the things that matter most: their family, culture and community. That’s why the Legal Services Society (LSS) is now providing lawyer services to relatives who would like to care for a child on a temporary or permanent basis. Community members with a cultural or traditional responsibility towards a child may also be eligible.

The intent of the new service is to keep children out of foster care whenever possible. In some cases, we can provide lawyers for collaborative processes before or at the same time as the child’s family is involved in a court action. If relatives and community members can’t resolve the matter of caring for a child out of court, the service may include a lawyer’s assistance in court.

Relatives and community members who want to become caregivers may be eligible for this service if they meet LSS’s financial and coverage guidelines. To apply, contact the nearest legal aid office or call LSS at 1-866-577-2525 or 604-408-2172.

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