Hot off the Press: A Guide to Aboriginal Harvesting Rights

Harvesting Rights

We’ve produced a new and expanded edition of our booklet A Guide to Aboriginal Harvesting Rights. This guide is for Aboriginal people who want to understand their harvesting rights — the right to fish, hunt, and trap, and gather plants, fungi, and timber. The booklet explains in plain language:

  • Aboriginal rights protected under the Constitution, and how they translate to harvesting rights in BC,
  • Métis harvesting rights, including how to get a Métis harvester card,
  • treaty rights,
  • tips for harvesting outside your traditional territory,
  • what to do if you’ve been charged with hunting or fishing illegally,
  • how to get legal help, and
  • the court process.

What’s new in this edition?

  • A checklist of things to confirm before you go harvesting and what to bring with you
  • More examples of what’s considered a harvesting offence, how to reduce your chances of being charged, and when it’s a good idea to get a licence or permit
  • Harvesting restrictions based on conservation, public health, and public safety reasons
  • Whether you can trade, barter, or sell harvest
  • What to do if you want to fish outside your Nation’s communal licence

A Guide to Aboriginal Harvesting Rights is available online and in print. The previous edition of this booklet is no longer current; please recycle.