Have You Made a Will?

If you haven’t made a will, you’re not alone. According to a Global News Morning BC report, only one third of parents in BC with children under 18 have a legal will. If you have children, do you know who’s going to look after them if you and your spouse die? This week (April 8 to 14) is BC’s annual Make a Will Week — perhaps it’ll inspire you to write or update your will.

Why make a will?

Without a will, your money and personal possessions might not be distributed as you’d like, and your children’s future may be decided by government agencies. Making a will can give you peace of mind. You’ll know who gets your assets, no matter how modest, and who’s going to look after and raise your children.

How do I make a will?

MyLawBC can help you make a simple will online that reflects your wishes and fits your situation. MyLawBC, which is free to use, guides you through its Make a will pathway where you’ll learn about the important decisions you need to consider.  At the end, you’ll get an easy-to-use form in Microsoft Word to complete, print, and sign.

Before you start, the Check your situation link in the sidebar will show you whether you can use MyLawBC for your will. If your situation is complicated, MyLawBC can’t provide a will. But you’ll still get basic information about what you need in your will, and where you can get help.

If you have a complicated situation, or can afford legal help, getting help from a lawyer or a notary is a good idea.

More information

You can find out more about making your will with MyLawBC in this video. And in addition to MyLawBC, the Make a Will Week website has links to many useful resources.

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