Hot Off the Press – One new and two revised French translation


LSS is committed to providing PLEI publications in our second language for our francophone community here in BC and for all French-speaking newcomers to BC. We’ve just released three new or revised French translations, available online only.

The new French translation:

Mères quittant un partenaire violent : Renseignements concernant le droit de la familleMothers LeavingAbusive Partners: Family Law Information

This booklet is a plain language guide for women who’ve been abused by their intimate partner (such as a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend). Topics include:

  • what is abuse
  • how to protect yourself and your children
  • what the courts can do
  • what will happen to the children
  • deciding parenting arrangements
  • where to get help and support
  • what to take with you when you leave

The revised French translations:

Vivez en sécurité, Mettez fin à la violence — Live Safe, End Abuse

Our fact sheets on abuse and family violence have been thoroughly revised and updated and combined into a single booket. This booklet is for people leaving an abusive partner. It contains information on what abuse is, how people can plan for their safety and protect their children, and who can help. Topics include:

  • safety planning
  • women abused by their partners
  • keeping your children safe
  • men abused by their partners
  • protection orders
  • getting help from the police or RCMP
  • who can help
  • if your sponsor abuses you
  • what to do about money
  • the criminal court process

Vivre ensemble ou séparémentLiving Together or Living Apart

We’ve revised and updated our popular, award-winning booklet. Previous versions are no longer accurate and should be discarded.

Family law can be complicated. But with the right information and help, you can solve many issues on your own without going to court. This booklet explains your legal options and where to get help. It also includes a chapter for immigrant families. Topics include:

  • your rights and responsibilities if you’re married or in a marriage-like relationship
  • how spouses can work out agreements
  • what to do if you decide to separate or divorce
  • how to work out arrangements for parenting if you have children
  • how to sort out money matters

All these translations are available, online-only, on the MyLawBC website. You can also find a full list of all our French PLEI publications.

Thank you to the Francophone Affairs Program in BC for funding these translations, made possible through the Canada–British Columbia Official Languages Agreement on French-Language Services.