Emily's Choice: A Child Protection Story screening at VPL

Date: Tuesday, November 22nd

Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Place: Special Collections, Level 7, Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch), 350 West Georgia Street

More information:  Child protection and the community

Come to Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch) for a screening of Emily's Choice: A Child Protection Story! Afterwards, there will be a panel discussion about the child protection process and the challenges of preserving the welfare and safety of children in our communities.

Developed by Legal Services Society and the Healthy Aboriginal Network, Emily’s Choiceis a graphic novel and video that use story and imagery to tell the story of Emily and her son, Greg. Emily is struggling with addiction and an unhealthy relationship. She loves her son, Greg, but can't always take care of him. When Greg goes into foster care, Emily gets legal help and the support of her family to get Greg back.