Planning for the future


Having a will is important. We all know it, but many of us don’t have a will. Planning for your own death is uncomfortable; no one likes to think about dying. Despite that, having a will and planning for your future is important. MyLawBC has two different pathways to help you with these decisions. The Make a will pathway helps you create a simple will. It explains the decisions you need to make and what you need to consider for those decisions. Depending on your situation, MyLawBC can also provide you with a form you can fill in to create a valid will. Even if MyLawBC can’t provide a will to fit your needs, it gives you information about what to put in your will and how to get help to complete one.

The Plan for the future pathway covers personal planning. This means planning for a future where you might not be able to act independently; for example, if you got into an accident and fell into a coma. You’ll learn about all the available documents and find out which ones are best for you. This includes the various kinds of powers of attorney and representation agreements. We worked with Nidus on this pathway to make sure you get the best information.