Getting help with foreclosure


The idea of losing your house is scary enough without having to consider the legal process that you’ll need to navigate. Finding information about foreclosure can also be difficult. MyLawBC’s foreclosure pathway is designed to address these issues. It helps people going through the foreclosure process or those who are worried that they might have to.

As you answer questions about your situation, MyLawBC determines what information you need to help you keep your home. You get practical information on how to prevent foreclosure and where to find financial and legal help. At the end of the pathway, you’ll get an action plan that tells you what your options are to keep your house and what steps you need to take. Your plan also includes other resources such as tips, checklists, and sample letters.

If you decide to go to court, MyLawBC gives you an overview of the court process, information on how to prepare for court, and links to sample court documents.