Welcome to MyLawBC!


Over the last year, you may have heard whispers about a new project we’ve been working on called MyLawBC. Today we’re happy to announce that MyLawBC has launched and is now ready to be used! What’s the big deal about MyLawBC? It’s a new way of delivering legal information; it’s interactive and focused on giving you information you can act on. Where many other legal websites are like a book, MyLawBC is more like a conversation. You answer a series of questions about your problem and the site creates an action plan for you. This plan covers the information you need to know, the first steps you can take to resolve your problem, the next steps you’ll need to take after that, and where you can get more help.

MyLawBC has information on separation, divorce and family orders, abuse and family violence, missed mortgage payments, and wills and personal planning. Only have a smartphone? No problem! These pathways work just fine on any mobile device.

The Dialogue Tool is another part of MyLawBC that we’re proud of. It helps couples who are splitting up create a fair and lasting separation agreement. It helps you and your spouse identify what’s important to you as you split up and provides you with an online platform and tools to work together on, as well as links to other services that can help, so that you can create a separation agreement you can download and print in the end.

This just scratches the surface; we’ll be talking about more in depth over the next few days. In the meantime, feel free to dive in yourself and see what the site has to offer!