Hot off the Press — Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights

With a number of content updates and other improvements partly based on feedback gathered from readers over the past two years, this popular booklet is now back in print again! Changes include updates to job titles and organization names (e.g., Director of Child Protection and Delegated Aboriginal Agencies), a new definition of child protection workers, and clarifications/expanded descriptions throughout the booklet.

This booklet explains what happens if a child protection worker has concerns about a child’s safety or plans to remove a child from the family home. It describes shared decision-making options and what can be decided in court at the presentation and protection hearings. Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights includes:

  • an overview of the child protection process for Aboriginal children and families,
  • legal and community resources, and
  • definitions of terms.

It also includes two flow charts — available as stand-alone pieces — of the child protection process and of the Aboriginal child protection process.

Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights is available online and in print.