Hot off the Press — Sponsorship Breakdown

This booklet is for permanent residents (and conditional permanent residents) who need money and other help when the person sponsoring them in Canada stops supporting them. It covers differences in immigration status and the various factors that affect the welfare application process, with a new emphasis throughout the booklet on helping those who’ve been abused. It also provides contact information for community groups around BC. The translated booklets are based on the 2014 English edition, with four exceptions. The translations:

  • include the new name of the federal government department: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada);
  • contain a revised definition of the term “dependant” (formerly the age of majority according to the federal government was 22, but now it’s 19, the same as the provincial government definition);
  • include changes to the description of how people apply for welfare (now online only); and
  • include updates to email addresses and phone numbers in the Who Can Help chapter.

The 2009 versions of Sponsorship Breakdown (in all languages) are no longer current; please recycle.

We’re currently running low on the English print version of this booklet and anticipate running out later this month. We’re starting work on a reprint, but it may be some time before the English will be back in print. In the meantime, the booklet continues to be available on our websites.