Hot Off the Press — Leaving Abuse


We’re excited to share our newest graphic novel Leaving Abuse. The story follows Maya, a young woman who has just left her abusive partner with her young children but doesn’t know where to turn. Leaving Abuse shows the steps Maya takes to get the help she and her children need:

  • Telling a close friend about her situation
  • Calling VictimLink BC to find out about community supports
  • Visiting a women’s centre to learn about abuse and who can help her
  • Visiting the Legal Services Society office to apply for legal aid
  • Working with a lawyer who helps her get a protection order in court and later helps her get court orders for custody and child support

With the help of a network of people, Maya realizes that she is not alone and feels empowered to start a new life with her children free from abuse.

Leaving Abuse tells Maya’s story through striking illustrations and basic legal information written in plain language to put a human face on the help that is available for women leaving abusive partners.

Leaving Abuse is available online and in print.