Hot Off the Press: Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? What you can do if you’re facing foreclosure

We’ve revised the booklet Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? and redesigned it as an interactive online-only PDF. The new edition:

  • explains the legal process of foreclosure for home owners in an easy-to-navigate format;
  • includes a colourful flow chart that visually shows your two options when facing foreclosure — solve the problem without going to court or follow the steps of the court process;
  • describes both options in detail in the next sections (includes information for condominium owners and tenants facing foreclosure); and
  • concludes with live links to court forms, a step-by-step guide to prepare an affidavit, and links to find legal help.

Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? is also available in a black-and-white print-friendly version.

The new PDF replaces the previous printed 2012 edition, which is still legally accurate.