Hot off the press: Promotional materials for the Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website

If you serve Aboriginal clients, you can help connect them to our new Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website with our promotional materials. Hand out copies of our bookmark Find Out About Your Legal Rights at the Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC Website, which gives an overview of the types of information and resources you can find on the website. Or put up a copy of our poster Are You Aboriginal? Do You Need Information About Your Legal Rights?in your office. The poster has a preview of the website and outlines how it can help you. The Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website helps Aboriginal people across BC to understand their legal rights. It has information on family law and child protection, matrimonial property on reserve, wills and estates on reserve, First Nations Court, Gladue rights, Aboriginal harvesting rights, and social assistance on reserve. It also has information on who can help, free publications, and community events. You can access the site from your phone or mobile device.