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This blog details the development process of MyLawBC. The development process is fluid. Features described on the blog may not present in the final product. Any legal information on this blog is for general information only. It’s not meant to be used as legal advice for specific legal problems. The information only applies to British Columbia, Canada. Information is checked for legal accuracy, but may become outdated as laws and policies change. If you need legal help, contact a legal aid office or a lawyer.

We don’t collect your personal information. We do track general information on the number of visitors to the blog, what pages they looked at, how long people visited the blog, the type of browser they used, and other information that helps us improve the blog. None of this information is linked to a specific person.

We also moderate the comments on the blog to make sure that no personal information is shared. Given the sensitive nature of legal issues and the situations that many people find themselves in, we will delete comments that share personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

For more information, see We respect your privacy on the LSS website.