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MyLawBC is open!

Today is the day; MyLawBC is officially launching! Over the last few weeks we’ve been making tweaks and adjustments to the site to make the user experience the best it can be. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to test the site and give us your feedback.

Now our next job is to get the word out and find users for the site. Hopefully, you’ll be hearing people other than us talk about MyLawBC soon. In the meantime, please feel free to share the site with your colleagues, tweet about it, Facebook it, or tell anyone you think might be interested.

MyLawBC moving forward

What happens now that MyLawBC is available to the public? Over the next few weeks, we’ll gather feedback and watch how people use the site. With this information, we can start planning tweaks and adjustments that will improve the site. These changes will roll out over the coming months. While that’s happening, we’ll also ramp up our plan to get the word out about MyLawBC. In April, we plan to make a big splash; that’s when we’ll do our big promotional push for the site. You’ll hear more about that closer to the time.

As for this blog, we’ll still update periodically to let you know how things are going and what changes we’ve made. When we have big announcements about new pathways or other content for MyLawBC, you’ll find that here too.

MyLawBC is open for business!

We’ve flipped the switch and MyLawBC is ready. For the next few weeks, MyLawBC will be in what we’re calling a soft launch. This means that while the site is available to the public, we’re only reaching out to a small group of people to take a first look. This is an opportunity for us to see how the site performs with more users, spot any small bugs that may have snuck through, and collect some last-minute feedback before we start circulating the site more widely. During the soft launch, you can do everything on MyLawBC; from using the guided pathways to create an action plan you can use to resolve your legal problem, to working with your spouse on the Dialogue Tool to create a separation agreement.

Over the next few days, we’ll go more in-depth about everything you can do with MyLawBC. In the meantime, have a look and tell us what you think! You can email us your feedback at

Note: If you’d like to try out the Dialogue Tool, please list your last name as Mylawbc so that we can tell your test account apart from other accounts.

January update

The finish line is in sight — but a little further away than we thought . The holidays are over, January is in full swing, and we’re chipping away at the final pieces of MyLawBC. Since December, we’ve been testing a, mostly, working version of the site, making sure everything works the way it’s supposed to. As we’ve gone back and forth testing and tweaking, we’ve decided that we need a little more time to polish the site to make sure our users have the best experience possible when the site’s available.

What this means is that MyLawBC will be a leap year baby. On February 29, we’ll flip the switch and make the site available to you. From there, we hope to get your feedback so that we can continue making improvements to the site.

December update

Well, we’re now into December and our final couple of months of building MyLawBC. While much of the core work is nearing completion, many related pieces are still in progress (supplementary infographics, information booklets, etc.). But the site is nicely taking shape now and we’re all looking forward to the launch, set to happen in January 2016. We’ve created a promotional fact sheet about MyLawBC. Feel free to download and share it with anyone who’s interested.

As one of our legal reviewers once put it, “making legal information seem simple is really, really hard work!” Well, we’ve almost finished that hard work, and we believe that this website will have a significant impact on access to justice for ordinary British Columbians.

What you can find on MyLawBC

MyLawBC is fast approaching. In a few months, the site will throw open its doors and start helping people from all across BC. In the lead-up to the launch, we’d like to give you a closer look at what you can expect from MyLawBC, starting with an overview of the site’s structure and how users will navigate the site:  


You can see there are seven guided pathways users can go through, and that the pathways fall into four categories — family violence, family (separation and divorce), foreclosure, and wills and personal planning. Each pathway will take you to a unique endpoint depending on your particular situation. An endpoint is a customized Web page (that you can download or print) that will set out your next practical steps and provide useful resources. The family endpoints also lead to the dialogue tool, an online negotiation platform you and your partner can use to work through the details of a separation or divorce. There is also a publications section where you can download public legal education and information materials or order print copies to be delivered to your home or office for free.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring each of these sections in more detail.

When will we see MyLawBC?

MyLawBC will be online and ready to help people by the end of January 2016! MyLawBC is a big project. It’s also a very different type of project than what we normally work on. Over the last few months, we’ve been chipping away at MyLawBC and checking off things on our to-do list: designing pathways, writing the content to go in them, creating the look and feel of the site, doing user testing of the prototype, and more. It’s a lot of work, but we’re moving forward at a steady pace.

Right now all our content — the questions and answers for the pathways and all the information you get at the end — are being locked into place. Over the next few months, we’ll flow all the work we’ve done into the final website platform and make all the final design touches.

That should all be done in December, and from there we need to pore over everything to make sure that it works as intended and make our final tweaks. We want to check that no wires got crossed and that you’ll get the answer you need when you use the site. Along the way we’ll also start getting the word out so that people will know what MyLawBC is and what they’ll be able to use it for.

That takes us to the end of January, when we’ll be ready to throw the doors open to the site and start helping people solve their everyday legal problems.

First round of user testing complete!

We’ve just finished the first round of user testing the prototype version of MyLawBC! The prototype is a first draft of the website and we asked people to try it out to see what works and what doesn't. At this point in the testing, we’re focused on the functionality of the guided pathways — how people get from point A to point B — and the general look and feel of the site. Future rounds of testing will put a bigger focus on the legal content and information. but right now we want to make sure that you’ll be able to get to that content.

We’re still compiling the results, but the feedback we’ve seen has been great. It’s useful and it will help us create a clear, user-friendly website.

We would like to thank Access Pro Bono, People’s Law School, Courthouse Libraries BC, and our Terrace office for helping us spread the word and connecting us with people. We’d also like to thank all the people, including colleagues from the Ministry of Justice and PLEI community groups, who donated their time to give us their feedback.

While testing the prototype, we’ve also been busy developing the site’s content. Once we’ve got that all online, the site will be ready for another round of testing, feedback, and revisions. This constant process of testing and revisions is all part of the process of making a website, and it’s what guarantees that MyLawBC can be a site that will help you solve your legal problem.

LSS and HiiL announce MyLawBC partnership

The Legal Services Society of British Columbia and HiiL Innovating Justice are pleased to announce a partnership for MyLawBC, an interactive new online legal resource for British Columbia. This innovation will enhance access to justice in BC and give ordinary British Columbians access to a range of new tools to help them resolve their legal problems. It will feature public legal information, interactive guided pathways to diagnose legal problems and direct users to self-help resources, both online and in person. People experiencing relationship breakdowns can access action plans and online negotiation tools to help each party make a separation agreement that works for the family. MyLawBC will be based on the interactive Rechtwijzer platform, a public legal resource developed by HiiL in partnership with the Dutch Legal Aid Board. It will include legal information on everyday legal problems and links to key public legal information and education resources. The platform builds on HiiL’s experience with interactive information, best practices for online dispute resolution, and research conducted with users and professionals. The scope of the interactive platform will include family law, family violence, wills/estates and life planning and foreclosure.

MyLawBC will help many people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. It will improve the average British Columbian’s access to justice for everyday legal problems. As a platform it will support other organizations in pursuit of the same goal. LSS will establish an advisory committee with key BC stakeholders. We will also work with an international committee to develop these new online resources.

MyLawBC represents an exciting new chapter in the history of public legal information services, not just for British Columbia but with its international partnership model, around the world.

Funding for MyLawBC is provided by The Law Foundation of BC.

We plan to launch MyLawBC by the end of June, 2015.