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Thank you scrum participants!

In November, we held our first MyLawBC scrum to start creating the guided pathways that make up the site’s core. For one week, we sat down with people from all different walks of life — lawyers, community workers, intermediaries, other PLEI providers, members of the public, and LSS staff — and worked out what these pathways should do and how they should do it. It was a long week, but a successful one, and it’s all due to our volunteers. Thank you to the following people, among others, who took time out of their busy schedules to come down and volunteer for the scrum:

MyLawBC November Scrum Update
November scrum collage
November scrum collage

Ever since we announced our partnership with HiiL, work on MyLawBC has been going ahead at full tilt. In fact, we just had what was probably the busiest week ever working on the site. For one entire week, we held a scrum — and no, we didn’t start a rugby club — at our Vancouver office to do the bulk of the content development for the site. Guided pathways are at the heart of MyLawBC. Guided pathways are a way simplifying a complicated process by asking users a series of questions and then using their answers to direct the user to just the information and resources they need, or to a final product such as a completed court form. If you’ve ever used an online tax service, then you probably have a good idea of how this works. The point of the scrum was to not only find the right answers, but more importantly, the right questions to ask the people who need our help.

Last week’s scrum brought together around 30 people from different walks of life: lawyers, community workers, intermediaries, other PLEI providers, members of the public, and LSS staff. We worked on pathways for family law and family violence; wills, estates, and life planning; and foreclosure.

Together, we identified the endpoint for each pathway, and the steps that you need to take to get there. The result is paths that lead through a series of questions to an answer, without having to read a lot of material that doesn’t apply to your own situation. Both the scrums and the guided pathways require a different way of thinking than we’re used to, but the end results are creative and useful.

What’s next? We’re working very hard to make MyLawBC a reality by June 2015: we’re refining the pathways, getting legal checks, doing user testing, and more. This is only the beginning!

— John Simpson, Manager, Community and Publishing Services