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User testing on the road: Terrace and Duncan

Late last month we wrote about the user testing we did of the MyLawBC prototype in Vancouver. Our testing wasn’t just limited to people in the Lower Mainland though. MyLawBC is a tool that’s meant to be accessible and useful to everyone in the province. During the first round of testing, I was lucky enough to be able to take the usability show on the road and see what people in Terrace and Duncan thought of the prototype.

Together with local staff, I met with four people at our office in Terrace. I had heard it was raining when I packed my bags, so I was a bit confused when I flew in on a cold Monday night to learn it had been snowing all day. Thankfully, I was able to borrow a pair of boots! Despite the weather, meeting with people who would actually use the site to discuss the prototype was helpful. There were many positive comments on the MyLawBC prototype, as well as some valuable insights into how to improve the site.

During our community workshop in Duncan, I had the chance to review the prototype with two service providers. I also met with two members of the public in Cowichan Bay to review the website. This time there was no snow, but I did find it hard not to get distracted by the view. We again received positive comments, as well as helpful and constructive feedback.

Thank you to the staff in both Terrace and Duncan for setting up the interviews with clients, dealing with my footwear, and for making the experience so much fun!

-- Alex Peel, Publications Development Coordinator