MyLawBC can help you plan for the future

Have you written a will? Have you thought about what would happen if you needed help managing your life? We may not like to think about dying or even about losing our mental (or physical) abilities, but having legal documents in place allows you to plan for the future. MyLawBC can help you with all of this. With a will, you make sure that what you own goes to the people you choose when you die. You can also name a guardian so that someone you trust will look after your children. The Make a Will pathway asks you questions about your situation and then provides an appropriate form for you to fill out and print. Even if MyLawBC can’t provide a will to fit your needs, you’ll get information about what to put in your will and how to get help to complete one.

It’s also useful to have personal planning documents that say what should happen if you can no longer act independently (for example, if you get dementia or have a life-changing car accident). In the Plan for Your Future pathway, you learn about all the available documents and find out which ones are best for you. This includes the various kinds of Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements. By making these documents before you become incapable, you can choose who’ll have the right to help you make decisions or act for you in important matters such as your finances and healthcare.

You can go through each of these pathways in about 20 minutes. Your answers are completely confidential and will be deleted when you leave the website.