Why MyLawBC?

MyLawBC is a different type of website. It takes an active role in engaging the user, helping them find the information they need — and only the information they need. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how MyLawBC is a different type of website, but we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about why we’re taking this new approach. Different people absorb information in different ways. For some people, a book is the best way to learn, while for others it’s a video. And some people learn best one-on-one.

There’s a multitude of fantastic legal resources available to the public, but most of them follow a fairly similar format, which works for a lot of people but may not be ideal for others. MyLawBC is our approach to addressing this problem.

Many people just want the information they need right now. They don’t want the background details and they don’t want to know why something is the way it is. Finding out the whys can wait until they know what they have to do next. MyLawBC is for these people.

We did a recent survey of our clients that reinforced this approach. Many didn’t want to go searching online for fear of being overwhelmed by general information. Instead ,they want information specific to their case that will directly help them.

Just like other PLEI sites aren’t for everyone, MyLawBC won’t be for everyone. But it does give you another option for how you want to digest the information you need. And it reaches out to an audience that hasn’t been catered to up to this point.