When will we see MyLawBC?

MyLawBC will be online and ready to help people by the end of January 2016! MyLawBC is a big project. It’s also a very different type of project than what we normally work on. Over the last few months, we’ve been chipping away at MyLawBC and checking off things on our to-do list: designing pathways, writing the content to go in them, creating the look and feel of the site, doing user testing of the prototype, and more. It’s a lot of work, but we’re moving forward at a steady pace.

Right now all our content — the questions and answers for the pathways and all the information you get at the end — are being locked into place. Over the next few months, we’ll flow all the work we’ve done into the final website platform and make all the final design touches.

That should all be done in December, and from there we need to pore over everything to make sure that it works as intended and make our final tweaks. We want to check that no wires got crossed and that you’ll get the answer you need when you use the site. Along the way we’ll also start getting the word out so that people will know what MyLawBC is and what they’ll be able to use it for.

That takes us to the end of January, when we’ll be ready to throw the doors open to the site and start helping people solve their everyday legal problems.