User testing: Round 2

User testing is an important part of the process of making MyLawBC. This site is different from every other website we’ve made. We want to make sure that when the site launches, it won’t just be full of useful information but that everyone can use the site to find the solution they need. Our first round of user testing happened in February. We took the brainstorming and sketches we had put together by that point and made a quick prototype. In that round of testing, we were concerned with how people would react to the idea behind MyLawBC, whether the guided-pathway approach was how people would want to find information. Rechtwijzer proved that the idea could work, but we needed to make tweaks and changes to the formula to have it translate to BC.

Feedback was great, and we learned a lot about how people interact with a site like MyLawBC. We went ahead and started working on the next version of MyLawBC.

This summer we held our second round of testing (which recently wrapped up). We ran users through a new prototype of the site. Each user spent an hour working their way through a guided pathway. We watched how they interacted with the site and asked them about their experience once they finished. That feedback has gone into helping us make more improvements to the site.

User testing can be time consuming and difficult, but it’s also invaluable to gather feedback from the actual people who will be using the site so that we can make a better MyLawBC for everyone.