MyLawBC frequently asked questions — Part 5

MyLawBC is a big project and we’ve received a lot of questions about it. We’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions and, over the course of a few posts, we’ll answer those questions. If you want to read all of the FAQs, you can find them here.

MyLawBC – Working with HiiL

Why is LSS partnering with HiiL? HiiL is a not-for-profit research and advisory institute for the justice sector in the Netherlands. Together with the Dutch Legal Aid Board, it developed an interactive legal information and empowerment site called Rechtwijzer (“Signposts to Justice”). This website is one of the main inspirations for MyLawBC.

HiiL provides not only an innovative and tested platform for providing legal information in guided pathways, but also the knowledge behind creating those guided pathways. No other provider could give us both the technology and the expertise that we need to make MyLawBC a reality.

How did LSS choose HiiL? We investigated the options available for software to create the guided pathways. We found that HiiL (with its partnership with Modria) was the most qualified to work with us and deliver the end product we envisioned. The Rechtwijzer platform builds on solid experience with interactive information platforms, best practices for online dispute resolution for family problems, and research knowledge obtained from users, professionals, and top academics.

Rechtwijzer charges users; will MyLawBC charge users too? Rechtwijzer has a robust separation section. This section walks users through the separation process from start to finish so that former partners can build their own separation agreements. It also gives optional access to mediators and adjudicators who help ensure a fair separation agreement for both sides; Rechtwijzer charges user fees to access this section of the site as a way to fund the service and to pay the mediators and adjudicators for their services. MyLawBC won’t include these services when it goes live, so it won’t charge for them.

Could MyLawBC include online dispute resolution services? The MyLawBC platform is based on the Rechtwijzer platform and could be expanded to include online mediation and arbitration services. However, this is outside of the current project’s scope.