MyLawBC frequently asked questions — Part 4

MyLawBC is a big project and we’ve received a lot of questions about it. We’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions and, over the course of a few posts, we’ll answer those questions. If you want to read all of the FAQs, you can find them here.

MyLawBC funding

How is MyLawBC funded?

LSS is funded by government and non-government revenues. Our most significant source of non-government revenue is a core grant from the Law Foundation. Other sources include interest-based grants from the Notaries Foundation and interest from LSS accounts.

For MyLaw BC, we reallocated core non-government funding, primarily that portion of the Law Foundation grant that will be eliminated in future years. This will fund MyLawBC’s one-time development costs.

As our non-government funding depends on interest rates, it is subject to increases and decreases. Directing some of this funding into online services that can withstand decreases and scale up in the event of funding increases enables us to provide consistent service delivery.

Will MyLawBC be expensive to maintain?

We’ve budgeted for ongoing site maintenance comparable to other sites such as our Family Law Website. By spring 2018, LSS will have gathered useful data on the site’s usage, which will allow us to make an informed decision for its future direction, including how best to sustain the site.

Why is LSS spending this money on a website rather than more in-person services? We know in-person services are important. When we decided to develop MyLawBC, we allocated additional funding to support in-person services through our Community Partners and Aboriginal Services departments. A robust community service network across BC means we can better meet our mandate to provide not only legal representation, but also public legal education and information. People are a key component to the success of our online services. By delivering this information online we’re able to reach a wider audience than would otherwise be possible.