MyLawBC frequently asked questions — Part 3

MyLawBC is a big project and we’ve received a lot of questions about it. We’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions and, over the course of a few posts, we’ll answer those questions. If you want to read all of the FAQs, you can find them here.

MyLawBC and the user

How do members of the public access MyLawBC? You can access all the services on MyLawBC by visiting

What services does MyLawBC provide? MyLawBC guides you to services and tools to solve legal problems, and provides a unique tool for separating couples to negotiate a separation agreement together.

Guided pathways are a way for the site to diagnose a legal problem and lead you to appropriate next steps. You’ll be asked a series of questions. Your answers to these questions will determine the information and resources you see and the action plan you’ll receive at the end of the pathway.

In addition, the site’s online negotiation platform will allow former couples to work together at their leisure and without being in the same room, allowing for a more thoughtful approach to reaching agreements.

Will MyLawBC allow me to apply for legal aid? You won’t be able to apply for legal aid directly through MyLawBC. The site may recommend that you apply for legal aid and point you to where you could apply.

Currently, all applications for legal aid are made in person or over the phone. We’re investigating online applications separately from MyLawBC.

What if I get stuck — is there someone I can call to help? LSS Community Partners and legal aid offices will all be able to help you navigate the site. There will be contact details for people experiencing technical difficulties. We plan to add additional user support services, such as live chat or a virtual assistant.

I am not tech savvy. Will I be able to figure it out? The site is written in plain language and the guided pathways are built in steps that ask users basic questions with limited options for answers. You don’t need technical knowledge other than the ability to use the Internet. If you want to meet someone face to face for an overview of the site, LSS Community Partners and legal aid offices will all be able to help you navigate the site.

Will my personal information be safe? Will it be visible to the public? MyLawBC will meet or exceed the highest security and privacy standards for online services. In the limited instances where personal information is stored, it will be secure. Your information won’t be visible to the public.

Won’t it just be easier to talk to someone directly about my situation? We know many people benefit from in-person services. MyLawBC is not a replacement for in-person services, and it will encourage and direct users to appropriate face-to-face support.

However, in-person services are limited by location and time in ways that online services are not. MyLawBC will serve those who are able to work with online resources, prefer online services, or those who are unable to access in-person services. MyLawBC users will get the information they need to move forward while developing a deeper understanding of their legal issue. This will save time when they access in-person services.

MyLawBC also includes a self-assessment so that users can decide whether they should try to handle their case on their own.

My situation is pretty complicated. Can MyLawBC still help me? The guided pathways that MyLawBC provides are designed to help you with your situation. They are customized, based on the answers that you provide. If your situation is too complicated for MyLawBC, it will refer you to other services that can help you solve your problem.

Do I need to fill out my information all in one sitting? Guided pathways are short and can be finished in one sitting. The action plan you receive at the end of the pathway can be downloaded to print.

Your action plan may include self-help resources that are on MyLawBC or partner sites. Resources on partner sites will generally enable you to download and store documents to your own computer.

If you are going to work on a separation agreement on MyLawBC, you can work on it on your own schedule in multiple sittings.